Free Actions

Are you an Android user and/or don’t have an iPhone? Not to worry now you can create gorgeous hipstamatic inspired images right here in photoshop, anytime, anywhere for FREE!

Hipstamatic Revolution - Actions Standard Pack

Photoshop version: CS+

Actions in set: 3

Lens in pack: Johnney S, Jimmey, Kraimal Marck II

Film in pack: Inna's 1967, Blanco & Kodok Grizzly

Flash in pack: Drinkpop Orange & Purple, Sherry Shine, Standard Flash.

I spend days with my Hipstamaticapp and in photoshop combining different settings and layers to get the same exact Hipstamatic look. It was a lot of work and time consuming. So If you like the Actions Pack and think that's worth $ please ill appreciate if you give a small Donation.

Thanks and Enjoy!